Panin Srl was founded in 2001 by Dr. Giorgio Panin, a pediatrician, with the aim of developing medical devices characterized by specific formulations for topical use, skin and mucous, based on Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E) under the brand name filme and LICEKO.

Each innovative formulation is patented.

Our dedicated commitment to continuous growth has allowed us to expand distribution of our brand in various countries in Europe.


The aim of Panin srl is to provide our customers with quality medical device, starting from the choice of raw materials and packaging materials to the placing of the products on the market.

Panin srl produces products for all age groups, Children, Adults and the elderly.

The experience and the constant commitment to research and keeping up to date with the medical world are the tools in the development of each new formulation.


filme and LICEKO products originate and are developed from a wealth of knowledge gained over the years in relation to filmogenic activities, the barrier and protection from Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E) on sensitive skin and mucous membranes.

Contain the fewest number of ingredients thus minimizing the risk of inducing intolerances and allergies.

The company's philosophy is to create innovative medical devices, tested for nickel and gluten and with no preservatives, fragrances, aroma and colouring.


Panin Srl distributes its products all over the Italy territory, through Hulka Srl.

filme and LICEKO product line are distributed can be found in the drugstore and the pharmacy channel.

If requested products are not available in stores, pharmacies or drugstores they can be ordered and delivered in a very short, ours product distribution process is the same as the distribution of pharmaceuticals.

The filme products are distributed and are also available in these following countries:

  • Germany (Filme Gyno-V, Filme Opht-R, Filme Os, Filme Oto, Filme Nasale, Filme Olio)
  • Austria (Filme Gyno-V, Filme Opht-R, Filme Os, Filme Oto, Filme Nasale, Filme Olio)
  • Spain (Filme Gyno-V, Filme Opht-R, Filme Os, Filme Oto, Filme Nasale, Filme Olio)
  • Romania (Filme Gyno-V, Filme Gyno-V12, Filme Oto, Filme Nasale, Filme Olio)
  • Malta (Filme Gyno-V)
  • France (Filme Oto, Filme Nasale)